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Time is what you make of it. We create your timepiece together with you ! Our mission is captivating: analysing trends, fulfilling the orders of exclusive horology and fashion houses and creating the timepieces that match the image and the philosophy of our clients. As a wholly independant group, we deal in large volumes and provide a whole range of made-to-measure services. From the very first sketches to after sales services, we guarantee quality-assured manufacturing and the integrity of all operations within agreed delivery times. Maybe it is time you got in touch with us.

Fashion, sports or traditional brand? Well established company or newcomer? Walca is the right partner to help you translate your ideas into a successful product: your future private label Swiss made timepiece, a unique and high quality watch crafted especially for you and bearing your brand. During the initial development meeting and product briefing, our specialists will discuss your requirements and list the many possible options and price objectives.

The philosophy of the brand as well as your ideas will be considered. We believe that your success depends greatly upon our ability to understand your strategy, your positioning and to identify your main markets and targets. From this point, the development phase will run through the following main stages until your completed private label watches are delivered.


Walca SA
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